How to close open transactions in FoldersService, UserSettingService etc?

After running the application I noticed following messages in log.

Open transaction left in FoldersService.loadAppFolders()
Open transaction left in UserSettingService.loadSetting(…)
Open transaction left in UserSessionService.setSessionAttribute(…)
Open transaction left in DataService.load(…)

Could you please suggest a way to deal with this ? Do we need to do any configuration change to close these? we are using CUBA 6.2.3 version.


Hi Saumm,
This warning is reported if you open a transaction in your service and didn’t close it for some reason, which is a dangerous thing. The fact that it is reported for standard CUBA services is very strange.
Did you make any changes in your spring.xml file?
If not, please do the following:

  • edit tomcat/conf/logback.xml file
  • set to TRACE the filter level for File appender
  • set to TRACE loggers com.haulmont.cuba and com.haulmont.cuba.core.sys
    Start the server, open the app, work a little and then attach app.log here.
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Hi Konstantin,
Thanks a lot for your response. It helped me to find the root cause and to fix it. The issue is not in CUBA. It was due to implementation of custom login. Yes we have modified the spring.xml as we are using custom login for our application. After checking the codes and closing the transactions, it’s not coming in the log now.