How to close all tabs from workArea / refresh browser


Can anyone tell me how do you close all open tabs on workArea. In my app there is an object called Project, and in a middle of a project a user can close or open a new one (switch between projects). Is there any method to close all open tabs, re-init the app or any way to refresh completely the browser(which re-init the app by the way…) similar to what NewWindowButtonLoader is doing



First of all, you can use context menu of the main TabSheet, that allows you to close all / close others:

If you want to close all windows programmatically you can use methods of WebWindowManager:

((WebWindowManager) getWindowManager()).closeAllTabbedWindows();
// or
((WebWindowManager) getWindowManager()).closeAllWindows();

Method getWindowManager() is available from any window controller.


Thank you Yuriy!