How to check platform version in the project


I use Cuba 7 framework v8 release

but when I run the program I have 6.10.7.

Is this normal?

No, you are using 6.10 framework version. The screenshot shows Studio version, not framework. Open CUBA - Project properties menu and check platform version there.


I use cuba-studio-2018.3 - 8.1 tar.gz (Studio Standalone IDE 7) with Cuba menus imported in Idea.
On the other hand (for another project) I use Cuba 6 (platform 6.10.4).

Can I use different Cuba versions of the same PC?
Is it possible to interfere each other?

How can I update the platform from 6.10.7 to 8?

What are the differences between Studio version, platform and framework?

First of all, the framework is the same as the platform, just synonyms. Also, you can use the same Studio 8.1 with all platform versions since 6.10.0.

You can use different versions of the platform in different projects, they are independent.

Thank you.
So now I use Cuba Studio version 2018.3 with framework 6.10.7 and Cuba Studio 6.10.2 with framework 6.10.4.
Is this correct?

What is the latest platform (framework) version?

You can easily find them on Downloads page.

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