How to check if CUBA Application is "died" using javascript?


One of my post ask how to implement “monitoring application”, here.

With some developers‘s help in community ,i have implemented the functionality. Follow is a testing app:

In this app , i open the cuba app in a winform application, the winform application auto startup with OS and auto full screen. Eevery thing is ok.

Now ,the last problem is that the CUBA application server might be restarted, or the session might be expired, or some other case. So i need check if the page is alive periodically , if it “died” , i will refresh the page.

I want know how to check the CUBA application page is runing good.

My first idea is that check the dom object in page , the page will be treat as “died” if have some special HTML tag in page. If this approach is workable , which HTML tags need be check?

Is there some other approach achieve this?

Hi, usually it is implemented as HTTP request to one of health check URLs:

  • Middleware: /remoting/health
  • Web Client: /rest/health
  • Web Portal: /rest/health

See Health Check URL - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual


Thanks for your information.

In fact i have consider to use the health check url. But the key point is i want to check if the application page is alive, as i described , the server might be restarted , in this case, request the health url will get “ok”, but the opened app page has lost the connection and session is expired, that is the page ‘died’ and need to refresh.

If your page is opened the session cannot expire by default, Vaadin sends heartbeat messages 3 times per session lifetime. If you restart the server it will show the following banner automatically:


Hi Yuriy,

Thanks very much .
It’s very helpful, now i think i can implement a "monitoring app " with CUBA completely.