How to change the position of error Alert


Please find the attached image.
By default the error Alert is at bottom-right. How to change this position to center.


Unfortunately, is not possible. At the moment you can only override validateAll method completely for concrete window. This approach has one major drawback - cross-field bean validation will not be performed. See the following code example:

public class ClientEdit extends AbstractEditor<Client> {
    private Logger log;

    public boolean validateAll() {
        ValidationErrors errors = new ValidationErrors();

        Collection<Component> components = ComponentsHelper.getComponents(this);
        for (Component component : components) {
            if (component instanceof Validatable) {
                try {
                    ((Validatable) component).validate();
                } catch (ValidationException e) {
                    if (log.isTraceEnabled())
                        log.trace("Validation failed", e);
                    else if (log.isDebugEnabled())
                        log.debug("Validation failed: " + e);

                    ComponentsHelper.fillErrorMessages((Validatable) component, e, errors);

        // WARNING: cross field Bean validation will not work!

        if (errors.isEmpty())
            return true;



        return false;

    protected void showValidationErrors(ValidationErrors errors) {
        StringBuilder buffer = new StringBuilder();
        for (ValidationErrors.Item error : errors.getAll()) {

        // for instance, show as WARNING
        showNotification(messages.getMessage(WebWindow.class, "validationFail.caption"),
                buffer.toString(), NotificationType.WARNING);

We are planning to implement a configuration property or a method in the future. See: