How to change the date/time format in the admin screens (entity log, etc)

I have in my main web the following formats:

dateTimeFormat=MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm

Which gives me dates in our backwards US format. :wink:

However, the entity log shows in the default European format; where do I change that?


entity-log-browse.xml uses a custom formatter for the eventTs column with the format obtained from the dateTimeWithSeconds message located in the main message pack of the gui module:

<column id="eventTs" caption="msg://when">
    <formatter class="com.haulmont.cuba.gui.components.formatters.DateFormatter"

In order to alter its value, you can define a message with the same key in the main message pack of your app (in the web module)


Thank you as always, @gorelov :smiley:

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