How to change IDP endpoint behavior

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to change behavior of endpoint idp/, which corresponds to IdpController#checkIdpSession . The requirement need to add a parameter to the method, so the Override approach can’t work.

Could you please suggest how to achieve this? I’m using CUBA 6.10。

My purpose is to allow user login with token(check whether active IDP_SESSION_ID exists, if yes, use it ,else create one as I have a valid token) and such that browser already had or will have IDP_SESSION_ID cookie. Then don’t return login.html to user because user already have a token.


As I see, you are constantly overriding IDP functionality. If you need such a deep modififactions you had better fork IDP add-on and move it to your application.

Hi Yuriy,

Thanks for your reply. AFAIK, in CUBA 6.10, IDP is not a standalone add-on.
Do you mean that it’s impossible to using extension functionalities to make such changes?

Yes, probably you can only introduce your own new endpoints and cannot change the existing checkIdpSession contract.

As for extracting IDP, you can move required classes and DB scripts to the separate add-on. We have done this for version 7.0+: GitHub - cuba-platform/idp-addon: CUBA IDP Addon

Hi Yuriy,
As CUBA 6.10 already have built-in idp, do you see any problem if I add another idp component? As the IDP on marketplace only compatible for CUBA 7. I also want to know if takes manageable efforts to upgrade from 6.10 to 7? thanks in advance!