How to change Context Name for an application

How can I change Application Context Name. I tried changing it from the following locations:

  1. (cuba.webContextName)
  2. build.gradle (def modulePrefix)
  3. settings.gradle (def modulePrefix)
  4. (cuba.webContextName)
  5. From Project Properties also changed Module Prefix

It is running fine locally. But when I created .war files and tried to deploy application, it’s giving Exception. I’m attaching a screenshot of it for reference.

Do you build separate WARs, or single WAR?

What is the error message and stacktrace? The screenshot doesn’t contain useful information.
It would be useful if you attach all Tomcat startup logs: catalina.out, catalina.log, localhost.log.

I built separate WARs. I’ve cleared some logs but I’ve cateline.out with me. I’m attaching file here. error log.txt (15.8 KB)


Unfortunately this file also doesn’t contain useful messages. There should be other log files with the messages containing the cause of the problem.

If you build separate WARs, changing these settings should be enough: