How to avoid default user id and password from user login screen ?

How to avoid default user id and password from user login screen ?
I don’t want to show the default user id ( admin ) and password in login screen. It should be blank.
How it is possible ?


You should set properties cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultUser and cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword to as it is described in the documentation.

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Where should I put cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultUser and cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword?
I have tried in Catalina/conf/app-core/ No effect.

Go to modules\web\src , then edit , change the following lines



When working with application properties, please follow recommendations given in this section: Application Properties - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

I used to have this settings set for “war build” in “deployment settings” under cuba studio, so this properties would only set when a “war buid” was done (see screenshot attached)

['cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate' : true,

since platform version 6.6.0, apparently even though this setting are still there, I’m still getting the default user admin and password when deploying the war into a tomcat server.

Screenshot 2017-08-01 11.00.59


According to the docs you should use

cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultUser = <disabled>
cuba.web.loginDialogDefaultPassword = <disabled>
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