How to add text or buttons beside loginMainBox in login screen

Hi Cuba Team,

  1. I want to add extra text and buttons beside login main screen, please say me how can I achieve that.

  2. If I changed loginMainBox alignment from center to right in styles (v-align-center), then this style is effecting other places. Please say me how to overcome from this.


If you want to change the login window, you should extend the login screen using Studio screen designer.
Open your project in Studio, select Generic UI, click New. In the opened screen select Login window and click Create and open. After that, you will be able to manage the screen in the way you want.

For example, to change the alignment of loginMainBox you should select this component in the tree, open the properties tab, find the align property and then select an appropriate value from the drop-down list.




I want to add label beside login main box.
But the label is adding either top or bottom of the login main box.

Please find the below attached file.