How to add ANT DESIGN PRO into React Front End

I want to add ANT DESIGN PRO to the React Front End, I presume that Cuba React Front End is based on Ant Design. Please suggest me, on how to add Ant Design Pro to the Cuba React Front End…

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It seems that Ant Design Pro is a template (app boilerplate) and scaffolding on top of And Design and other frameworks (umi/dva). What features are you particularly interested in?

Especially the Theme and layouts…
* Their side menu
* Notification menu
* Dashboard
* Panel Style Settings
Is it possible to use the complete template as the front end, because the template layout and design is very much suited for the Enterprise Applications…
Please let us know whether it is possible to install the template inside React Front End…

Is there any updates…? I’m curious to know whether, does it possible to use the AntDesignPro template in React Front End…?

After some digging into AntDesignPro - it’s not quite possible to use it with our generator as it’s another product built on top of different frameworks. However it’s completely possible to implement the same UI approaches in the project created by our generator.
We will make further analysis of ADP and possibly integrate some ideas right into our project template.

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any news about it?