How to achieve master and child view (parent-child relations) in Cuba?

How can we implement master-view in Cuba? As I want to implement parent-child structure in table with the help of primary key (i.e. if I click on primary key of parent table, its all child tables should get opened). So can you please help me for this?

Hi @mithibai17,
If it is a self-referencing entity (Order → Order), you can use a Tree component.

If this relationship is between different entities (i.e.: Order → OrderItems), take a look at Related Entities.

If these options don’t apply to your scenario, there are other possible options using more code. If that is the case, please provide more context and/or a test application explaining what you want to implement so that others can help you.


I want to make a view like below given image. And the relationship is between different entities.



It is possible, you can use DataLoadCoordinator to load related entities. But you might need to spend some efforts on creating expanding layout details. There is an example in our demo application, you can take it as a base and implement your own Details Generator that will load data on related entities.