How exactly do I upgrade to the new CUBA Studio 13 BETA3?

I am using CUBA Studio 2019.1 (IntelliJ version),
How do I upgrade to Studio 13 BETA ?

Please follow instructions from this topic: Studio 13 BETA published - CUBA.Platform

I tried that, but somehow I have been getting the following error:

Error loading base projects group platform from the repository:

This has been happening for some time now

This may be a temporary network communication problem with the distribution network.
You can try to choose another repository ( on the first step of project creation or in the project properties dialog.
What is your geographic location?

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My location is Jamaica.
I have been receiving that error few weeks now and it is affecting my existing projects.

Looks like the problem is on my end. When I disable BitDefender, it works.
I have to now figure out what module in BitDefender is blocking my repositories

Problem solved !.
BitDefender firewall was blocking access to all this time :frowning: