How do one see topics raised by oneself in new forum

Sorry if its very simple question but I really could not find a straight forward way to see topics created by me. Old forum used to have a dedicated ‘My Topics’ link.

Currently I go to my profile then click on activity, search there and then click on topic which is lot of clicks.


Hi @shashanksinghal,

You may find your topics here. Everything stores in your profile, access it by clicking your avatar twice, then navigate to activity tab. Finally, look at the left side, where Topics, Replies, Likes and Bookmarks located.


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Thanks Ivan for the prompt response.

I am currently using the way you suggested but it feels too cumbersome for some reason. My suggestion was if it should be a first level link alongside profile icon like last forum.

Well its just a suggestion and the new forum looks great other than that.


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Currently, there is a filter to show latest topics with user’s participation: It may be useful to have it in the web browser bookmarks. Concerning a button or URL for this, it will be discussed later.

Thanks Ivan,

I understand. You can close this topic now.