How do I turn off the logger

I’m trying to monitor the app.log for raw SQL statements based on basic CRUD operations etc. I’ve set the eclipselink.sql logger to Trace and it works fine. I would like to silence the logger as it is mostly noise for my purpose.

When I turn off the scheduling logger however, it also silences the eclipselink.sql logger. How do I show the raw sql log statements without also showing the the core scheduling logger sql statements.


The and eclipselink.sql loggers are independent, disabling one shouldn’t affect the other.
Maybe you don’t see any messages from the eclipselink.sql because there aren’t any SQL requests on this server except requests run by scheduling engine?

Hi Alex

That actually was not my experience. This may be a bug. I had to turn scheduling off in the file in order to disable the schedule logging. Only then was I able to see raw SQL logs without the scheduling logging getting in the way. I can provide more info when I get a chance. But feel free to close this issue for now.