How do I request new Trial


I just completed my trial version of the premium subscription on version 6.10 but I was never able to try version 7 I was wondering how I can request another trial for version 7 before purchasing the license.



Just download Studio 7 from downloads page and start to use.
As soon as you open a CUBA project for the first time, the new Studio will request a trial subscription online and show you a message about it. You can just accept the trial subscription and enjoy the full power of the Studio.

See more details in the announcement post


It seems like the message did’t show up for me and when I go to subscription it asks me to purchase one online.



We have reports of this sort from some users and we are investigating possible cause.
Meanwhile, we’ll generate a trial subscription for you manually, it will come to your email shortly.



When I try to activate license I receive an error message.

Activation Server Doesn’t Respond. I am not using a proxy or behind a corporate firewall so not sure what is causing the issue.



I had installed CUBA 7.3 with trial subscription activated until June 1st.

When uninstalled to use version 7.4 lost this subcrición.

When I try to activate it again I get this error: “The trial subscription of CUBA Studio Premium is not available”

Is there any way for you to continue using the subcrition I had before?

Thank you.


What type of CUBA Studio installation do you use, Studio Standalone IDE or Intellij IDEA plugin?
What is your OS?

Normally the “Request a trial subscription” button should work in your case. So maybe there are some network problems. Did you try to activate it again after a while?


I experienced the same behavior.
I downloaded and installed cuba-studio-2018.3-8.1.exe
I started it.
I didn’t got the popup to register for a trial licence.
I can create a nez entity / new screen (via popup menu) but I can’t find visual editors.

NB : I also ave a studio 6.10.1 installed in aother folder

Thanks for your support.

I found the menu CUBA / subsription information…

It’s OK now !

NB : in case of “The trial subscription of CUBA Studio Premium is not available” ==> check the proxy settings.