How do I alter the auto-generated edit screen that pops up?

I have a table full of FileDescriptor Objects. When I click on one in the table an edit screen opens. I don’t have an xml or java file for this screen (that I’m aware of). How can I edit the contents of this screen?

In the .xml, I used
<action id=“edit”

File Descriptor Edit


the screen is not auto generated, but part of the platform actually (probably this one: file-edit.xml). Generally you can extend screens when you have a subclass of FileDescriptor e.g.:, but i’m not really sure, that this is the right thing to do. Can you elaborate a little on what you want to achieve?

Instead of using the default edit action, you could also do and do whatever you want in myMethod - this will probably lead to a better position, depending on what you want to achieve.