How can i upload img to ftp server?

I have a ftp server to save img file,

In order to answer your question, you have to provide the following information:

  • What did you already tried?
  • What did not work?

Otherwise it is pretty hard (and also pretty unlikely) to answer your questions at all.

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I copy the init
where can i add the code to upload ftp?
fileUploadingAPI.putFileIntoStorage this? and should I need replace the method?
or should set some attribute for ftpSrever in cuba property file?

In the document you mentioned there is the following line:

// here you can get the file uploaded to the temporary storage if you need it
File file = fileUploadingAPI.getFile(uploadField.getFileId());

So you can get this file and send it to your FTP server.

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yes, I’ve already done that.
but the Bad is that ftp server is sftp in fact
Thanks Konstantin, this is my first time to use cuba, and I think the document about cuba is less

I think you only need java to do that.