Host API docs (Javadoc) of platform online


i oftentimes find it very convenient to have a API documentation online next to the developers manual (like Spring does e.g.: . Of course one could go to github and use the search option of the repository, but often it is not necessary to see the implementation as well (although it is oftentimes interesting to see :))

Additionally, Google could (and will) do us a favor, and makes the APIs much more easily accessible…

What do you think, could you host a Javadoc version of the platform API’s?


Hi Mario,
You are right, published JavaDocs can be useful. We’ll certainly do it in the next couple of months, but first we should add more content in the JavaDocs and clean them up.


Hi Konstantin,

sounds reasonable, although i think (at least the classes i came across) that the existing Javadoc comments aren’t that bad. But you will probably know better about that one.

Looking forward to it.

I am also looking forward for the Javadoc.

Kind regards

Browsing the API with bad or no comments is better than viewing the source on Github to figure it out. I look forward to published Javadocs.

Any progress on the API docs?
It will be a very helpful addition.

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Thanks for reminding. It’s still on the backlog, but we are certainly approaching the point when we start working on it.

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Hi. I am also waiting for the Javadocs. Now I am specifically interested in looking into charts (maps) package methods. So meanwhile, is charts package available as source code somewhere. I didn’t find it on GitHub. I was planning to create Javadoc myself while its not available online, but cannot find the source code, for instance*


Hi Hannu,

is charts package available as source code somewhere

The full source code is available in your IDE if you include the charts application component into your project.

Hi, community!

Javadocs have been published, API Reference tab.

Welcome to PR on GitHub :slight_smile: