Hiding UI element for all roles except ones which I allow


Lets say I add a button to one of my custom screen which only SUPERADMIN should have access to as it performs some critical action.

I have some 8 roles in my system with type ‘Denying’. Now selecting type as ‘Denying’ while adding role works fine for screens and entities. But now the button mentioned above starts showing to all the roles. And its nor easy neither intuitive to go to each role and disable that button.

Even if I do disable it for all roles, what if I add a new role tomorrow and a user with. Now I have to remember all such buttons and write rule to disable all of them in the new role.

Am I missing something here? Let me know if more clarification needed.

I know that other way around would also be more painful like all UI elements hidden to denying role user and enabling every single UI dom id. But I suggest there should be a way to mark a UI dom element as ‘Denying’


I suggest that you create a denying role to hide your button using UI permissions (in the bottom of the screen) and add this role to all users excluding SUPERADMIN.

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