Hide 'New Password' and 'Confirm New Password' fields on New User page


I created ExtUser entity to extend User entity. In ExtUser, we enforced some rules. One of these roles is the password pattern. As a result, we added attribute enhancedPassword to ExtUser. Once checked and passed the roles, we will programatically assign the value to the ‘New Password’ of the User entity, thus I do not want user to type in the ‘New Password’ on the ExtUser edit screen.

However, even the ‘New Password’ field is made invisible in ext-user-edit.xml:

It still shows (visible=“false” is completely ignored) as seen in the attached…

Is there any way to make it invisible?

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Same problem here. Worked previously without problems but now it doesn’t anymore. Same goes for group/timeZone etc. And although I can modify them by .setVisible(false) in code, this is not possible on the password fields. Very annoying.

Made a temporary workaround by overriding the createPasswordFields in the user edit implementation:

protected void createPasswordFields(boolean isNew) {
    // Always enforce to have the passwords removed

Hi Berend,

Thank you very much for helping out. I will your approach and will update here later.