Hidden data is not getting downloaded in excel

I have implemented .excel action for one datagrid, with a pagination of 20 rows at a time.
When I tried to download the data it only gives the data for the current page (eg, only 20visible rows on the current page).
Is there any way to download all the data from the datagrid?


The excel action creates an Excel document from exactly the same content that is displayed in the table or datagrid. It doesn’t contain logic to load data and it cannot export more data that is displayed in the datagrid.

Also there are no “hidden” data in the datagrid. The component displays entities that you load with dataLoader.
The DataLoader has some limit, by default it’s 20 rows. If you use Filter with the table, it by default has a drop-down field allowing user to change max rows.

If you need to download “all the data” in Excel format, the most convenient way is to create a report using Reporting add-on, and include all necessary columns into that report.