Help button - is not showing up

I am trying to use this add-on but wondering what i have missed as the help button is not showing up on the respective screen.

I have created respective help text and used the declarative @HasHelp on the screen. What could be the potential reason?

Hi mortoza,

one thing what I was struggling with - in your screen controller every overriden method need to call the related ‘super method’ since the used AnnotatableAbstractEditor implements the ‘real’ functionality also by calling this methods.


	public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
                // your own code...

and so on for postInit(), …

May be this solves your issue…
Just my 2ct.


Hi Steven
Thanks but still have the problem. I attach herewith a sample (120.8 KB)


in the docs it says:

In order to make a screen available for help text, just add the @HasHelp Annotation on your controller and extend from AnnotatableAbstract(Lookup|Editor)

You did not extend AnnotatableAbstractLookup:

public class OrderBrowse extends AbstractLookup {


This should do the trick.


Oops… I missed that. Thank you Mario. It’s working fine now.

Wondering if we can remain in the same tab when clicking a link instead of creating a new window every time we click a link as follows: