Helium - Full background image for work area

Hi Cuba Community,

We have an app (7.2) that has an image as the background for the main work area screen. There is a white border to the left and top of that image though.

Is there a specific CSS property that we can target to remove those white boarders and have the image be truly full screen?

Thank you for your time!

This has been fixed with css in the vbox:

Simple enough.


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Hello Steve!

Could you share the layout of your main screen? Maybe some component uses margins. In the mock-up below image occupies full space:

<workArea id="workArea"
    <initialLayout spacing="true">
        <image id="image"
            <url url="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/db/b0/8a/dbb08a069d1f24c4b61da740198a59cc.jpg"/>

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Thank you! -

The project had Helium running which appears to add the additional margin. The CSS fix suggested by @adam5sbass worked in this case.

I appreciate your help.