Having an issues with Importing Charts package for Maps

I can’t import the charts com.haulmont.charts .

As seen in this document - https://doc.cuba-platform.com/charts-6.0/mapViewer.html

I have seen this package to be added to the com.haulmont.charts.gui.map.model for this code
GeoPoint center = map.createGeoPoint(53.490905, -2.249558);

Is there any other package needed to be installed?
Version is 6.0.9

Hi Samuel,
if your project has charts module selected in the project properties page then you’re good to go, no additional modules required.

Try to run Build -> Create or update IDEA project files, perhaps its just IDE that doesn’t see the dependencies for some reason.
If that doesn’t help please attach test project here which reproduces the issue, I will look into it.

Thanks Igor. Build->Create and update Eclipse project files worked. I use Eclipse, not IDEA. Chart modules was already ticked in base projects.