having a common label spacing between a FieldGroup components and a text Area

Is it possible to use resizable textArea in a fieldGroup?

If not, I can use it outside the field group. But problem is, in that case, the label space alignment is an issue. I can use FieldCaptionWidth when using FieldGroup but didn’t see anything like this if I am not using a fieldGroup. (see the snap-shot). Any thoughts?


Hello, Mortoza.

It is possible to use resizableTextArea in a fieldGroup. Just inject fieldGroup field in screen controller and set resizable = true. For example:

private ResizableTextArea addressField;

public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {

You can see the full demo project at github.



Hi Gleb
Thank you, it’s working well.
while I was trying to use resizable attributes noticed as follows:

If I set the default size (columns) of the textfield, say 400px, it displays properly with resizable attribute but if I make it 100% at design time, it appears at 100% at runtime but does lost it’s resizable attribute where the user might be still interested in changing the height. Any suggestions?