GroupTable programmatic groupBy : move column to the left


When using GroupTable.groupBy(…) the column stays where it is (see below). It would be better to have it automatically pushed to the left of the table.

And if calling groupBy with “column3, column1, column2”, they should be added in that order to the left.

And/Or just allow us to manipulate order of columns, and group columns.




Thank you for the idea! We definitely should improve programmatic control over grouping in GroupTable.

I’ve created the corresponding issue

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We have implemented this API in the upcoming version 6.9! Check the 6.9.0.BETA2 version

Good news, thanks Yuriy.


Is it possible to have this improvement patched in 6.8.x ?

6.9 is far away from us, because now that we are in production, we prefer waiting some time before upgrading CUBA to a new version, letting it stabilizing.



We will try to include it in one of the next bugfix versions since it does not affect the existing API.

Great thanks Yuriy