GroupTable not populating with entire query result


We are encountering an issue with a groupTable in our application. We noted that the table is not populating with the entire dataset from the datasource. However, if a filter is applied, the data can be accessed. For example, the datasource requests a list of customers with open orders, but the table will only show a few customers. However, if we apply a filter and search by a customer name that is not shown originally in the table, the table populates with the searched customer.

It seems the datasource is pulling the correct data, but the groupTable is not populating accordingly.

Below, the datasource:

<query><![CDATA[select o from saas$Orders o
inner join saas$Products p on =
inner join saas$Returns r on =
where o.isOpen is not null
and r.status = 5
and r.returnType = ‘Warranty’
and r.user is null
order by o.customer asc, o.completed desc]]></query>

A couple of notes:

  1. We are grouping by customers
  2. The filter uses the same datasource

Is there any paging or assigned maxResults property of the datasource?

Hi Konstantin,

the maxResults property is set to the default value “0”. The one thing I forgot to add is that the row count at the top and the items shown are the same. It also changes when the filter is applied.

Could you check if the JPQL is executed with expected results via DataManager? Also, what happens if you remove grouping in the table?