Grouping in DataGrid

Hi @artamonov
I came across a post in Vaadin forum where you were taking part in the discussion on the above. Is there anything we have like grouping in DataGrid like what we have in the table component?


Unfortunately, there is no grouping for DataGrid available. It is the subject of the further development for us after 7.0 version.

GroupTable is not Vaadin FW component, it is our own component developed in the platform.

Thanks for the update. I am sure the CUBA team is now busy working on to release the beta version 7 soon! Version 7.0 is going to be awesome.

Hi @artamonov
As the final release 7 is very near, may we request to create keep this feature request in mind to plan? GroupTable is very useful and due to performance difference, i would like to use DataGrid as like GroupTable for high volume data visualization.