Group Table opening previously selected record

Hi Team,

I’m using Cuba 7 with Postgres.

I’m using group table in one of the browser screens. In this screen, sometimes it opens the previously selected record instead of the currently selected record, If I double click.

Please see the attached video, when I try to open record with ID of 272, it opens 271. After closing the editor and trying to open the 272 again, then it opens the 272 correctly.

I’m able to reproduce this issue sometimes when I keep repeating this step. Please look at the attached video.


Attaching the description and controller files of the screen for you reference.
to-do.xml (2.4 KB) (3.5 KB)


If I understand correctly, then you from the calling screen pass the entity to the screen ‘ToDo’ through the session attributes ?
I think that’s the problem.
Try to pass the entity to screen ‘ToDo’ through the screen parameter transfer mechanism.

I’m opening this screen from menu directly. I’m not passing any entity to this screen. This screen pulls the data and shows.

Try set dataLoadCoordinator auto="false" in to-do.xml