Group table default column size for group column


In my app, there is a screen displaying a group table, for which the group and the set of columns are preconfigured and selectable through a dropdown box (“View”, “Vue” in he screenshot below).

The settings are disabled for the group table because when you change programmatically the columns and the groups, it does not always fit well with settings, and can mess the view.

When opening the screen with a “compact” view (few columns), with one column grouped, the size of the grouped column is not enough to display the label completely, as you can see in the screenshot below.



Especially when, as it can be seen, there is more than enough space for making the group column larger in order to display the label in its entirety.

2nd question is it possible to make disappear the (1) at the end of the group label (1 being the item count in the group) ?