GradleException: Unable to find SCSS file => IDEA 2017.2


Just to push a solution to this pb up the stack. Follow-up of this post :,

If Studio raises such exception at some point, it is probably because you are in this situation :

  • IDEA 2017.2
  • your project has a theme extension
  • you have compiled from IDEA at least once

In that scenario, IDEA generates a ‘…/modules/web/themes/out’ directory structure which has nothing to do here. And that will later be treated as a theme to compile by Studio/gradle, which obviously fails, with the forementionned exception.

Not sure if this is an IDEA 2017.2 bug or an incompatibility between IDEA 2017.2 and Studio build process.

Anyway, reverting to 2017.1.5 does the trick.


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thank your for the advice!

Usually, we don’t recommend importing Gradle projects to Intellij Idea, because it does not take into account options from our cuba-gradle-plugin. I think you would not have this problem if you didn’t import gradle project using Intellij Idea.

Well it is working quite well for one year now.

I do import gradle project in IDEA because compiling from there is much faster than invoking gradle. Which is handly when you work on a small bunch of classes.

I have set up my account in environment vars and met no issue till 2017.2.