Gradle error after upgrading to latest platform version

After I have upgraded with the latest version of the platform I am encountering following gradle error when I click on apply and proceed to project in settings menu.


As a result i can’t even run CUBA Studio application.

If I don’t click on settings, I notice that Tomcat is also not loaded.

What is the solution?

Try the following:

  • reboot your PC
  • rename or remove ~/.gradle folder
  • If it doesn’t help, attach the Studio log from ~/.haulmont/studio/logs

Hi Konstantin
Done that, still have the same problem.

Here is teh studio/logs files as requested. (54.5 KB)

Hi Konstantin
I have taken the following steps and now working:

  1. uninstalled CUBA Studio
  2. deleted folders .gradle, .haulmonts
  3. installed CUBA studio
  4. CUBA downloaded gradle and resources and now working.

Hi Mortoza,
Good to hear it is working now.

There is the following messages in your logs:

Caused by: org.gradle.api.GradleException: Could not read cache value from 'C:\Users\Mortoza\.gradle\daemon\3.4\registry.bin'.
Caused by:

So something was wrong with this registry.bin file. It is safe to remove the whole .gradle folder, so do it if you encounter such problem next time.

Thank you Konstantin.