gradle deploy task does not renew WEB-INF/lib


I’ve noticed that deploy task does not refresh existing jars in tomcat WEB-INF/lib directory, I suppose this is not intended behaviour and should be fixed.


Which OS do you use? Which “Tomcat path” is adjusted in your project?
Could you also clarify which “lib” folder do you mean?

  1. tomcat/webapps/app/WEB-INF/lib (tomcat/webapps/app-core/WEB-INF/lib, tomcat/webapps/app-portal/WEB-INF/lib)
  2. tomcat/lib
  3. tomcat/shared/lib

I’m using Windows 10, Cuba 6.6, using default tomcat path ( C:\projects\cuba\demo\deploy\tomcat ), absolute path where snapshots are located: C:\projects\cuba\demo\deploy\tomcat\webapps\app-core\WEB-INF\lib. Easily reproducible by starting any project with default configuration and running gradle deploy from root dir (in my case console has admin rights). Now existing snapshots have to be deleted manually

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce the problem. In my environment, snapshot-artifacts are renewed on every gradle deploy.
Which version of Gradle do you use? Do you use VCS in your project? Any details would be appreciated.