gradle build from intellij

I receive this error when trying to use the gradle deploy taks within intellij

Could not resolve com.haulmont.charts:charts-global:6.1.4.
> Could not get resource ‘’.
> Could not HEAD ‘’. Received status code 401 from server: Unauthorized

Any ideas on what would cause this?

Looks like it might have been a gradle version issue. I downgraded to 2.6 after reading through the documentation and it seems to be working now.

The premium add-ons repository (which contains charts jars) requires username and password to download artifacts. When you start build tasks from Studio, it passes the credentials to Gradle automatically from your registration information. When you start Gradle from command line or other tools, you should provide username and password:

gradle assemble -PpremiumRepoUser=111111222222 -PpremiumRepoPass=abcdefabcdef

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