Google map directions and waypoint

I noticed that there are APIs in CUBA for google map directions, waypoint etc. and I want to try it but didn’t find any documentation. Can I have a code snippet for this or a sample app?


Here is an example

I knew this sample as it was developed by Konstantin few years ago when I was looking for visualization of sales territory and data in map. But I don’t think it has Directions and routing what I am looking for now.

Can this sample be enhanced with directions, waypoints, travel time calculation etc?

I see, you’r right. :+1:

My project, the first one I do with CUBA, foresees Logistics services. It would be great if the component had these improvements.

Yes, I have also similar need and would prefer doing it within CUBA.

Hi Cuba team
Any suggestions?


Unfortunately, we do not provide APIs for server-side integrations with Google directions API and routing. I’d recommend that you take a look at the official Google Java client library: GitHub - googlemaps/google-maps-services-java: Java client library for Google Maps API Web Services