Global Date format


I set global date format “yyyy-MM-dd” I make it in project properties, but format change automatically only in browse. In edit window I must to set mask by properties dateFormat again. How Can I set date format global in edit window too ?

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Thank you for reporting the problem.
When the date field is located in a fieldGroup dateTimeFormat is applied instead of dateFormat by some reason.
To fix the problem define the similar dateTimeFormat.


I am not sure the behavior is wrong. To know the resolution see the following Issue:

ok I create short method which change date format for all DateField in edit window.

private void setDateFormat(Entity<?> entity) {
    UserSessionSource userSessionSource = AppBeans.get(UserSessionSource.NAME);
    FormatStrings formatStrings = Datatypes.getFormatStrings(userSessionSource.getLocale());
    if (formatStrings == null)
    for (Entry<String, FieldConfig> field : fieldList.entrySet()) {
        FieldConfig fc = field.getValue();
        if (isDate(entity, fc.getId())) {
            DateField dcomponent = (DateField) fc.getComponent();

Thank you, will fix it soon.

By the way, please use triple back quote symbol for code blocks.