Glassfish deployment

Hello. I’m getting deployment errors on Glassfish server:

 Exception Occurred :Error occurred during deployment: Exception while deploying the app [yasu_follow_up] 
: The return type of the lifecycle method [init] must be void. Related annotation information: annotation 
[@javax.annotation.PostConstruct()] on annotated element [private int 
com.haulmont.cuba.restapi.ConversionFactory.init()] of type [METHOD]. Please see server.log for more 

Wondering if anyone has successfully deployed a Cuba application war to a Glassfish server? I’d like to know the nuances of both single war and split service/application war deployment. In particular:

  1. How do you configure the application to use a connection pool setup in glassfish?

  2. Best practice for creating the database.

  3. Subtleties of the cuba application configuration.

server.log (33.1 KB)

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