Getting the list of users I've assigned Tasks


My Project Planning System has a hierarchy of Projects > Milestones > Tasks.

Project has a projectManagers field with a Many_To_One Cardinality with the sec$User, while the Task has an assignedTo field with the same cardinaity to secUsers.

I would like to have a table on the Projects Edit Screen that will list all the users I have assigned a task and what task that is and under what milestone. A tree table would be ideal but I am still struggling with that.

Roughly something like this:

User 1 - Milestone 1 - Task 1
------------------------------Task 4
------------------------------Task 5
------------Milestone 2 - Task 4
User 2 - Milestone 1 - Task 2
----------------------------- Task 3
User 3 - Milestone 2 - Task 1
------------------------------Task 2
----------------------------- Task 3