Getting an error when starting frontend project by npm

Hi there,

Just created empty jmix project with frontend module to play with that a bit.
But when I executed ‘npm run start’ it ended up with error TS1005 (’=’ expected.)

TypeScript error in /Users/user/sample/frontend/node_modules/antd/lib/image/PreviewGroup.d.ts(2,13):
'=' expected.  TS1005

    1 | import * as React from 'react';
  > 2 | import type { GroupConsumerProps } from 'rc-image/lib/PreviewGroup';
      |             ^
    3 | export declare const icons: {
    4 |     rotateLeft: JSX.Element;
    5 |     rotateRight: JSX.Element;

I already have installed npm and node on my machine so perhaps it related to version of nodejs.
I use the following versions:
npm 6.13.7
node v13.11.0

Can you please help what could be wrong?

Hi @galimovrf,

We are aware of the issue and will publish a fix soon. For now it should work if you change the TypeScript version in the generated project’s package.json to 4.1.3.

Hi @galimovrf,

Just published a new version of the generator. Now when you generate frontend from Studio it should pick up the new version and the client should work out of the box.

Great thanks, will give a try