getEditedEntity Redisplay Values


in an ItemChangeEvent I am calling something like:


how do I get the value to display on the screen ?

I what to simply display the full name of a customer when the value of the lookup field changes: so I have:

@Subscribe(id = "request_Dc", target = Target.DATA_CONTAINER)
  private void onRequest_DcItemChange(InstanceContainer.ItemChangeEvent<EstimateRequestOrigin> event) {

  seaFCLEstimateHeaderDc.getItem().setCustomer(event.getItem().getCustomer().getName()); }

the notification does show the new customer name each time but the screen field remains blank

It depends on how you bind “the screen field” with the data container.

If you could provide a small demo project demonstrating the problem, forum users will have more chance to help you.