Get parent container from StandardEditor

i need to implement record navigation from editor screen (like Navigation Editor Sample non GitHub) but with the new 7.0 screen API.
There is a way from the StandardEditor to obtain parent container (CollectionContainer) ?

Hi Fabrizio,

You can try passing parameters to the editor screen as described in the docs.

Hi Konstantin,
thanks for the response but i’m writing an extended version of StandardLookup and StandardEditor and i was searching for a generic solution to get the container; i rewrited the editaction and inserted the container with windowparam.
Now i need to change the current item edited with StandardEditor … in the legacy AbstractEditor there was the setItem methods that changed the edited entity and updated the ui.
Now I can’t find anything like it.
Any ideas ?
Many Thanks

Hi Fabrizio,

The direct counterpart of the old setItem() method is StandardEditor.setEntityToEdit() method.