Get Fields from Entity in Groovy

Hi evryone, i need help
I’m customizing a Master-Detail Screen to work with not-persistent entities,
so far i’ve been doing well until I wanted to change pickerfield for lookupfield, with the latter one i need to a add collection but been a not-persistent it doesnt have joins so CUBA doesnt recognize it as nestedDatasourceProperties but I saw that in the Groovy programming part of the Xml file you can get the entity

my question is: is there a way i can get the entities’ classes of the properties in the entity? or added them to the nestedDatasourceProperties ?


Why do you need a nested data container?
If you need an options data container, define a regular CollectionContainer and just set items to it using setItems(collections) or getMutableItems().add(item).
Or event use LookupField’s setOptionsList() or setOptionsMap() without a data container at all.

Ok Thanks,
i just wanted to do it automatically when create a new screen