German localization 6.5

Hi Guys,
the lifespan of 6.4 was by far too short. As you may have realized I haven’t finished the translation. I overestimated my available time for this task. However I want to give the whole thing a new try. Can you please send me the updated version of all language modules: fts, bpm, charts, reports, ccpayments and cuba.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Odissefs,

as i translated a lot of stuff for 6.3 to german, i would really like to see if we can collaborate on that, so that we get an updated version of 6.4 and 6.5.

In you wrote that you would also have some improvements on the already existing translation. I see that as well. At the time of translating oftentimes in the excel sheet the context is just missing, so when seeing it in the running application the translation is sometimes just wrong (sorry on that :slight_smile: ).

However, i would really like to encourage you (as Konstantin wrote in the above mentioned forum topic) to do the translation directly on github so that when we want to merge it into it, we don’t get a whole lot of merge conflict. This way, you can also just add immediate results of the translation.

In case you need help on how to the work at github, don’t hesitate to ask.

@Konstantin / @CubaTeam: In order to be able to just fill the delta of e.g. 6.3 --> 6.4 it is pretty hard to get this information just through github. I don’t know how this is in the excel sheet, but i initially did not find it very easy to work with the tool when i did the original translation - so i never took a look at it again. Would it be possible to somehow see the english translations as a delta view through github?

An other approach would be to give the files a “correct” directory structure in the repo like

This way we can just checkout the new directory and fire up intellij idea’s resource bundle editor view, which easily locates the missing pieces (although that requires the translator to go through all files in the whole project to find missing translations).

I think we should really try to make the delta translation process a breeze, so that this somewhat tedious work will be done. Since you release new minor releases fairly often, it is quite hard to do this work on a regular basis. Additionally it is a task that is good for open source starters to work on…

Perhaps we can arrange this somehow.


Hi Mario,
thanks for your answer. Since I’m more an excel guy I made the last (and until now my only) translation based on bash scripts and excel tables. Unfortunately it took me one day to create a better working excel version that covers different translations for one variable, new variables and removed variables. See the attached excel sheet.
As a first step I merge via a bash script all files into one file - one file for the older translation and one file for the new english version. Afterwards both files are merged into one file. After that I import this text-file into excel with “=” as the separator. This is the weak spot because there are some lines with multiple equal signs in it, that breaks the structure. After fixing this issues through a third table (that is not in excel sheet) I add some simple formulas in the “prepared raw data” section to create the values in the other columns. After I finished that I copy the values and paste them into the second sheet, where I have prepared the formulas. If everything is done right, you see new variables, multiple translations and removed variables. The last thing we have to do, is to set a filter and make the necessary changes … ok, at the end there some more steps: we have to create per line a printf command export this into a script and run it.
Kind regards Ody

the excel way2.xlsx (48.1K)

Hi guys,

I liked very much Mario’s idea about a flat structure and using IDE resource bundle editor for maintaining translations. And I’ve managed to implement it for the latest platform release. The solution employs the ability to override any message in a main message pack using compound keys with “fully qualified name” of the overridden message. So the translation can consist of only a few files (by the number of modules provided by an app component).

You can find the new translations structure along with instructions on how to work with it in the branch

When a new platform version comes, we will create a new branch and copy all existing translations from the previous version. Also, we’ll update English messages. Then translation creators will be able to identify and fix discrepancies using IDE resource bundle editor.

Please note that the new translations structure will work only for projects based on the platform 6.5.3+.

Would be great if you could test the new approach and tell us your thoughts.

This is a much better way of handling the translations - Thanks for that.

I just tested using IDEA for identifying missing translations from 6.3 to 6.5 of the danish translation, and found that it would be really easy to update the translation.

One thing though - I am missing the danish translations for the BPM and REPORT modules, which wher also contained in the 6.3 version - Is it possible to add these?

Thank you for your feedback!
I’ve just converted the Danish translation for BPM and Reports from the old structure.