German localization 6.4.1

Hi there,
I work on the German localization of the core components for 6.4.1. (not on bpm, charts, etc).

Does anyone know where can I pull the 6.4.1 of bpm, charts, fts and reports?

For the core components I used the Cuba master 6.4.1 from Github together with the existing translation of 6.3.
I merged all the messages in an Excel table and replaced the english wording by the german wording as far as it was available. I have neither changed the wording from 6.3 (although in some rare cases it might be worth to change it) nor I removed untranslated parameters from the master. So it should be complete but not finished :wink:
On base of this Excel sheet I created an shellscript that generated the 6.4.1 files. There have been some parts with literals that caused some manual work … but I think I found all the places. I attach a zip-File with the current status of this work. Maybe it’s of use for someone.
Bye Ody (215.6K)

Hi Ody,

I’ve just pushed all English message files for v.6.4 to, including all premium addons.

Please make a pull request when you think your translation is ready.

@krivopustov, translations should be proofread by 2 other people, before going into the repo.

I don’t see any tools for translators, is the process manual?

(And as a sidenote: can you please respond to this one: