Generic Edit or MultiLine Edit

Hey Everyone,

Is there a way to edit multiple rows in a table. I mean when you the user clicks the edit button, he doesn’t have to have a row select. If no row is select in that table a windows dialog would open as if creating a new row, but only to choose the row by the code for example and then to change it’s value. For example, I have product, pricetype, and price entities. each pricetype has different prices for each product. When I create a new price for a new product. The product field gets an option from the datasource product. However, if I want to edit the prices later on, I would have to look for each one by one, thus how to make generic edit for the price table.

Hope I have explained my question correctly,
Thank you in advance

Not sure that it suits your needs, but take a look at the BulkEditor component. You can also look at underlying BulkEditAction to see how it works and do the same in your controller.

Yes, it is very close to what I am looking for. I opened the live demo and the only two difference that I want is:

  1. I don’t want to change all selected entries to one thing only. I want each entry with its own value that I am going to enter.

  2. Instead of select the entries that I want to change, is it possible to look for the available entries and to select the entry for example using code no and then change it’s value, which will be entered for each.

Hope I explained what I am looking for in a better way.

Looks like you need a completely different mechanism. There is no such ready-made thing in the platform, you have to develop it yourself. It can be done using CUBA screens and visual components API.