Generation of React Frontend in jmix studio 0.9.1

How to generate a React frontend in Jmix Studio? The documentation covers the old version and I can’t find the menu item related to Front UI.
IDE: Community Edition 2021.1
Jmix studio: 0.9.1
Jmix framework: 0.9


It has been decided to move all functionality related to frontend UI to the part of the plugin which depends on IJ Ultimate. There are two reasons behind this:

  1. IJ Community does not provide any support for frontend languages/technologies. To have good developer experience you need IJ Ultimate or switch to VS Code/WebStorm.
  2. We plan to provide much more IDE tools for the React client. This tooling is heavily dependent on JavaScript plugin which is part of IJ Ultimate.

I see. I use VS Code for my javascript projects and don’t see the point to buy IJ Ultimate/WebStorm as currently I use Cuba for my hobby/learning/side projects.
I hope there will be a Jmix CLI or some other tool with similar functionality.

Currently, we are fully-concentrated on full-stack development use case, however you still can use frontend generator cli (as in CUBA):

npm install -g @haulmont/jmix-front-generator
npx gen-jmix-front