Generated Edit Windows are not scrollable any more

Hello dear Cuba Team,

since platform version 6.6.6 and studio version 6.6.2 I’ve found that the generated Edit Windows for Custom Entities are no longer scrollable. You can only use the Tab key to get to the invisible UI fields.

Is the problem known? Is there a workaround?


Do you mean scrollable when height of a dialog window is bigger than height of web browser window?

At the moment, Studio generates default dialog mode sizes for all new windows. You can change it using Dialog Mode options on Properties tab of Screen Designer.


Hi Yurly,

thanks for your quick response.

The issue did not happen in Studio itself but I checked your recommended properties, in my case there were default values like 800x600. I changed both to auto but still the same behaviour - no scrollable edit windows.

In the sample picture (it represent a generated standard edit view/window) you can see more UI field will follow at the bottom but the window itself has no scrollbar and you can not use the up and down buttons.


Could you share your screen XML?

Please ensure that you do not expand windowActions frame in layout if you want to use AUTO height:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<window xmlns=""

        <datasource id="clientDs"

    <dialogMode forceDialog="true"

    <layout spacing="true"> <!-- do not use expand here -->
        <fieldGroup id="fieldGroup"
            <column width="250px">
                <field property="attribute1"/>
                <field property="attribute2"/>
        <frame id="windowActions"

Please see attached sample screen xml:

filial-change-data-capture-object-edit.public.xml (14,6 KB)

As I said, you should not use expand, because it will set 100% height to windowActions frame:

<layout expand="windowActions"

Remove this attribute value and check your dialog window. If you want to use this screen in both modes: tab and dialog - you should use ScrollBoxLayout to provide scroll in all cases.

I did not enter neither modify this script after the generation by Studio. Was it my fault or was it not generated properly?

After your mentioned change I got following strange behaviour:


And it is still not scrollable.

So I think there is an issue in the implementation. Do you have an idea?

I checked the split screen of different entity object but the same issue:
left side within the table area is scrollable but the right side within edit view is not scrollable.

Initially, I thought that you had the problem with dialog windows, but now I see that the problem occurs with combined screens and standard Tabbed editors.

I’ve checked old versions of Studio and the platform. There was no ScrollBoxLayout by default for editors. If you want to show scrollbars in your editor you have to add them manually by wrapping your form with ScrollBoxLayout.

In case of master/detail screen we have decided to add ScrollBoxLayout to Studio templates. See