Generated columns are re-calculated every time when I scroll in browse screen

I have a filtered browse, listing several records, lets say some thousends. The goal is to multi-select pretty all (could not be all) of them due to statistic calculting on the top of screen. Each row has a generetad column which causes slowdown till all are generated, and it’s assumed. My question is: Why are this generated column calculated again when I scroll down or up through the browse? It’s supposed they are calculated yet, isn’t it?.

This is on V6.10 and I really don’t know if V7 has the same behavior. The case is I can’t migrate to V7 at the moment (will do it in 2 or 3 weeks) and need to know if this is 6.10 standar behavior (or even on 7) or if I can do something to avoid the recalculating of generated column when I scroll through the browse screen.

It is intentionally, Vaadin recalculates columns to free resources on both server and client. You should not perform heavy computations in column generators, only simple code that creates UI components. Load data beforehand and do not query DB from a column generator.