Generate Models of all tables of all database users

I am a new member and it is the first time I use cuba platform. I am creating a small application and have already connected my database using an administrator user. in this way, I can also see the tables of other users. When I do Generate Model, I only generate entities from my tables. the problem is that I want to be able to generate the models of other users’ tables as well. How can I do it?

Which database do you use?
Are these tables of other users distributed by separate schemas?

If so, then one CUBA data store can contain entities from only one schema.

If you have several schemas, you will need to create additional data stores for each of the schemas, and generate model separately for each data store.

See also Generate Model from Multiple Schemas?
(The UI has been changed since that topic, but corresponding elements in new Studio are named the same).

I use Oracle SQL developer and yes, oracle automatically generates a new schema for each user added to the database. So even if I have administrator privileges and on SQL Developer I can edit the tables of other users, in CUBA I have to create more additional data stores. Is that correct ?
On the other hand, if I had only one schema for all users, would the table models be automatically generated when I do “Generate Model”?

Yes, correct.